I'm a 3rd generation, born & raised from the"City of Angels" Los Angeles, California! My numerology is a Master Number 11. By human design I'm an emotional Generator.  My highest SELF,  Phoenix FlowDragon, is my new paradigm design peace Pirate, Ninja, Gypsy, Healer, Super Hero, shooting Rock Star Artist made of love, light and infinite MAGIC.  I'm a fully actualized, fully self-expressed cosmic being. I'm a limitless creative visionary, a leather worker, a gem & jewel dealer, a healer, a teacher, a personal empowerment coach, a mystic, a shaman, a designer, a flow tool manufacture, a choreographer, a MC, a singer/song writer, a slam poet, a fire dancer, a performer  & live entertainer! I've been a professional fire performer & flow arts instructor, artist manager & event producer since 2010. "The Elemental Circus" is Soul Family Productions primary platform of very talented, BADASS, highly skilled, professional, sexy, empowered  and fully self-expressed Artists & Performers that produce Events, Promercials, Music Videos and Reality Shows. The Elemental Circus provides a  wide variety of circus performing arts and entertainment for any and ALL occasions!  My law of attraction is the best performers/entertainers in the Burning Man, mass gathering & high vibe tribe communities. My mission is to gift my life's work through LOVE in action to assist in the ascension process of our race through an Artist Loveolution! "Soul Family" is my Brand. Soul Family Productions is my baby & OUR mission is to save the world!

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