"I am a space for the Soul's Personal Empowerment & Infinite Growth! I am a clearing for transformation. I am a safe place to be Authentic and Fully Self-Expressed. I am a stand for celebrating  Breakdowns, because they are our future Breakthroughs! We don't have lots of problems. We have a couple of problems and they manifest everywhere, defining personal insanity. I am a gentle, accepting & loving guide channeling Archangel Raphael to get to the roots of our deepest wounds of our broken past. As fully empowered, awake and aware beings of infinite love, light & gratitude, we heal those parts of ourselves by integrating our pasts as being whole, complete & perfect!  This process of accepting our SELF where we once judged our SELF is called "Current life regression healing." This practice unties the knots to the  weaves to the ravels of our broken past, ending personal suffering and INSANITY, creating inner Peace. I say it is out of great sacrifice that astronomically great things are done. The ULTIMATE sacrifice is to powerfully choose to let go of the story that does not serve our true SELF and others, to create the EXACT amount of space, for the other thing to land in it's place, with ease and grace, through the work of the Divine for the greater good of YOU & ALL. This is every individual's necessary personal work to create a new beautiful, limitless story that sets everyone FREE. This is "the hero's journey" to self love through inner peace.  I invite you to embark & invest in your healing journey with me as your guide. Our work leads to non-stop BLISS, an unshakeable sense of self worth & self love through personal empowerment & transformation. I ask, who are "We" not to shine as bright as possible & fully embody & radiate the true essence of who we REALLY ARE?" FlowDragon-ism 

My Magical Menu of Healing Offerings:


Angel Card Healing Sessions: 

  • Sessions focus on answering this question: What do I need to Realize, Accept, Acknowledge & Do around any given situation that is up for Proscussion. This is a divination session with the Ascended Masters as our guides. Each one comes with a life lesson, philosophy and action that can be taken to grow from whatever life throws at us.

Chakra Cleansing Mantra Healing Sessions:

  • Sessions give us the access to a few simple mantras that allow us to light each jewel within each chakra. This practice makes our merkabah field spin faster and faster each one every time we practice the mantra.  

Current Life Regression Trauma (PTSD) Healing Sessions:

  • Sessions focus on going back to the points of our past where we experienced unresolved trauma. As fully empowered, awake & aware adults we embark on a Proversation that leads us to create peace with those memories by distinguishing the differences between the stories we told about ourselves at those points of trauma vs. what actually happened. Once we separate the two and see our past for what it really was we go through the process of forgiving ourselves for the judgment, blame, shame & guilt we assigned to ourselves and those memories that created the context for the breakdowns we experience in our Now. Our personal healing there by creates a new acceptance for our past to be whole, compete & perfect and the insanity of our broken past will no longer be in our future allowing us to find inner peace in the present NOW that radiates, permeates and penetrates into all aspects of our lives.. 

Cord Cutting Ceremonies:

  • Sessions focus on reclaiming all of our Soul energy that we have left behind on our journey in this lifetime and past lifetimes. We safeguard & keep all the Pronnections that serve our highest good and our highest self. Through guided meditation we reclaim the energy from the negative Connections & then with psychic surgery using ceremonial blades we cut away all those cords that do not serve our highest good from our experience. This leaves us feeling freed,  rejuvenated, revitalized and liberated to be able to have the vitality and will power to create freely once more!

Grounding Meditation Sessions:

  • Sessions focus on clearing out all negative energy, revitalizing pure positive energy, creating a protective energetic barrier and setting & sending out a profound intention from our truest heart’s desire. This is ALLMAZING for people who are empathetic and are lacking a regular grounding practice. 

Healthy Boundaries Sessions:

  • Sessions focus on learning how to create and establish healthy boundaries to stop clients from enabling other people in their experience to allow emotional, mental, physical or spiritual abuse in their lives once and for all. Healthy boundaries accomplish two things. One, they protect us and two, they empower others to do the right thing. This is a very powerful step in one’s personal empowerment and development. 

Law of Attraction Attunement Sessions:

  • Sessions focus on putting an end to recklessly dating, attracting friendemies, minimizing distractions, drama & procrastination. These sessions teach us and help us learn the lesson of discernment, the power of positive thinking, emotional and energetic efficiency and getting clear on what we want and what we have space for and exercising the laws of attraction & manifestation. We attune our law of attraction to call in the most amazing friendships, partnerships, relationships, opportunities and experiences possible by getting very clear about what we want! 

Male Muse Sessions:

  • Sessions focus on making our passions our lives. Passion is the the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to love. Love is the key to ALL the Universe’s mysteries. I am an infinite space for personal empowerment & self love by creating a whole world, infrastructure and game plan around ALL your life’s passions. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Sessions:

  • Sessions focus on bringing your horrible, self sabotaging & limited story about yourself and others to the table, addressing them & letting go of those stories. By doing so we create a brand new space to have our new amazing, powerful, loving & limitless story of our new ALLmazing lives.

Restoration Healing Sessions:

  • Session focuses on breakthroughs with addiction. AA & NA’s success rate is less than 5%, or 1 out of 20 people! This is due to the fear based system that creates a self proclaimed disease with very limited options (jail, institutions & death). I am here to be a coach on how to create your new  life free from substance abuse by implementing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), lifestyle & holistic wellness adjustments & diving into people's passions to liberate them into their limitless authentic expression, happiness and inner peace. We will utilize “your addiction” to get addicted to awesome things in life that serve your highest good.

    • I have 10 years of no drinking, 10 years of no low vibration substances use & 7 years of no smoking cigarettes

    • I was a sponsor in AA/NA for 5 years (2010-2014)

      • I had Sponsees that turned into Sponsors that took on Sponsees.

Restoration of Integrity Proversation Sessions:

  • Sessions focus on giving clients the specific and proper infrastructures to be able to restore their integrity of their word when it is broken in 4 easy to follow and bulletproof steps. This is called “owning our side of the street,” stopping pointing fingers and no longer externalizing our issues by taking FULL responsibility for our word and how it creates our lives. My philosophy is that our lives are the manifestations of the internal spiritual conflict manifest reality. By taking full responsibility for our word, and not blaming people, places, things or institutions we get back into our personal power and then our lives transform into the the externalization of the internal spiritual healing manifest our reality. 

Total Overhaul Package(TOP):

  • For those of you out there whose Souls are 100% able, committed, ready and willing for a full blown transformation of the Mind, Body & Spirit, this package is for you! This package utilizes the totality of my Universal and Healing knowledge, healing practices & personal empowerment offerings over a minimum 6 month period. We will be working together on producing breakthroughs in your life, no matter how many breakdowns you have created prior to our work together starting. Our work will make a long lasting and permanent  impact on the total quality of your life in the most positive ways. This package includes a scheduled weekly 1hr Skype session, and a daily check in via text for progress in between our weekly sessions. There are very simple assignments given for completion  to  gain new knowledge, perspective, gain new awareness & shift our perspectives to create a brand new space to make significant changes in your lives. Where you were once stuck you will now be free, fully self-expressed and in LOVE with your life! I am passionately leading the pursuit of wellness for the mind, body and spirit. Topics will dive into the importance of a balanced diet, to daily spiritual practices, to writing in our books of shadows and magic, to daily affirmations, mantras, yoga and flow arts.


- $111 for 1 hr sessions

- $222 for 2 hr sessions

- $333 for 3 hr sessions

T.O.P. Package: 


-6 month minimum sign up

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