Flow Arts Training 

I have been a professional flow arts instructor & personal empowerment coach for 8 years!  I specialize in teaching tech fans, spinning and contact staff, dragon staff,  nunchucks, whips, poi, snakes, palm torches, fire eating and fleshing.


Flow arts is the meditative movement to the Soul! It is personal empowerment through mirror magic, building muscle memory, saying positive empowerment affirmations and creating a whole new YOU right before your very eyes!


The fire in the flow arts will burn away at everything that is not YOU, until YOU are here! Like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes of the old, stronger than before, ever a new! 


We invoke & embody the Spirit of the Dragon medicine! The Dragon medicine brings us magic, power, protection, self confidence, good fortune, heroism, perseverance, excellence and happiness.

With all these elements we create our "Shiva's Dance of Creation," manifest our "Flow State" & our new reality! I integrate all my philosophies, personal empowerment & spirituality into the classroom, and what we discover in class shows up in all facets of our lives! Come on a journey to self discovery with me as your guide! Invest in your personal transformation today!





Private Classes:

- $111 for 1Hr Class

- $222 for 2Hr Class

- All private classes come with a review video!

Private Packages:

- $333 for 4 x 1Hr Classes(Save 25%!)

- $666 for 4 x 2Hr Classes(Save 25%!)

Group Classes:

- $44 for a 1Hr Class

- $88 for a 2Hr Class

Group Packages:

- $133 for 4 x 1Hr Classes(Save 25%!)

- $266 for 4 x 2Hr Classes(Save 25%!)

Class Policies:

1) All packages expire 30days from purchase!

2) Classes are NONE transferable.

3) Missed classes are lost classes.

4) All sales are final.


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